EC Number: 208-797-9 3-oxoglutaric Acid Chemical Report Database

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This 3-oxoglutaric acid Chemical World Consumption Report & Database provides information on the web consumption of 3-oxoglutaric acid in each of the nations listed. The substance coated (3-oxoglutaric acid) are categorized by the Chemical Registry, EC, EU, CAS, or other coding system. In addition, where accessible this consumption is further analysed by Application or End Person sector.

The OAT measures eight particular ketones and fatty acid metabolites. These markers show how well the body metabolizes fats. It is normal for these markers to be elevated for a person on the ketogenic or tin 2 fluoride low-carbohydrate weight loss plan. Nonetheless, if an individual is just not on a ketogenic or low-carb weight loss plan, elevations present problem absorbing fats.

It can be used as pharmaceutical intermediates and to detect glucose infusion metabolites. Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), also 5-(Hydroxymethyl) furfural, is an organic compound derived from dehydration of certain sugars. This yellow low-melting stable is highly water-soluble. The molecule consists of a furan ring, containing both aldehyde and alcohol useful groups. HMF has been identified in a large variety of baked goods. HMF, which is derived from hexoses, is a potential "carbon-impartial" feedstock for Fuels and chemicals.